Sprachreise Frankreich

The Teaching: French language stays in Nice

There is no miracle method for learning a language, just different teaching methods where quality student / teacher working relation-ships lead to successful learning. For us, mastering a language requires a combination of


Our method, called the direct method, allows you to apply your knowledge
quickly and efficiently. It is based upon:

  • Team oral exercises. Role-playing, discussions, simulations,
    round tables, tape recordings, practical exercises in real life
    situations, video, games ...
  • A "digestible" approach to learning grammar, developed from
    the student's book (that is given to you upon your arrival) and
    permanently updated authentic documents ... newspapers,
    narration, song lyrics, TV or radio broadcasts, exercises...

Our teachers, or rather pedagogues (all of whom are French and fully qualified) that are

  • Responsible for the harmony and dynamics of the group
  • Experienced in pedagogical objectives
  • Able to motivate and encourage you.
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