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D.E.L.F - Diplôme d'Etudes en Langue Française
Preparation and entry for the examination of the D.E.L.F.

  • Required level: 4 to 6 years of school French, or equivalent.
  • 30 lessons per week
  • Size: 4-10 students per class
  • Duration:
    Preparation and entry for unit 1 to 4 DELF 1st degree: 8 weeks.
    Preparation and entry for unit 1 to 6. DELF diploma: 12 weeks:

At the moment, the D.E.L.F. is the only diploma of French as a foreign language which is officially recognised by the French Ministry of Education. It has been accepted by more than 50 countries and is widely recognised by administrations and firms. The D.E.L.F. comprises 6 capitalizable units approving an advanced level of competence, oral and written, in the language: general expression, expression of feelings, French culture and civilisation...

Preparation for the examination. The course encourages the development of the skills needed by students progressing towards the exam: Grammar, vocabulary, standard of written and oral expression, knowledge of French culture and civilisation. It also provides an effective basis for further studies and a competence in French language and knowledge of French life.

The exam is in two sessions:
1 - Entry for the first 4 units, obtaining of a certificate approving the language level at this stage (D.E.L.F. 1st degree).
2 - Entry for the last 2 units, obtaining of the Diplôme d'Etudes en Langue Française (D.E.L.F. 2nd degree).

REMARK: A unit, which hasn’t been taken or passed, may be taken or retaken in one of the 50 countries mentioned above. Entry for unit 5 and 6 presupposes success in unit 1 to 4. Upon receipt of your application you will be sent further details of the examination and a preliminary-test to assess your knowledge of French. After test correction your enrolment for the course and for the examination will be confirmed. Mr Pascal Richez, director of ALPHA.B is a member of the D.E.L.F. jury.